Jesus is the Reason

One year I saw this two foot tall candy cane and decided to buy it to display on our front door.  Later in the day I heard our door bell.  Upon opening the door I saw our neighbor lady standing there. 

“You’ve displayed your candy cane upside down,” she said.

“Not really.  I meant to display it as a J on purpose,” I responded. When she asked me why, I said, “Because I wanted to get people’s attention and remind them that the Jsymbolizes the reason for the season which is Jesus.”  

“Well, it looks odd,” she said.

“Thank you!” I said. “Would you like a copy of my CHRISTmas poem?”  She took it, smiled and went along her way.

I guess I get a bit ornery around this time of year seeing all the distractions from the true meaning of CHRISTmas.  So I wrote this poem back in 1995 as my way of making the point.  I’ve modified it a bit to reflect our times.

Jesus is the Reason

Jesus is the reason no matter what you see.
The season is because of what God did for you and me.

 The world has tried to change this and make it something else.
With sales and advertisements, it is sometimes hard to tell.

Many people decorate with lights and Christmas trees,
But that’s no indication, that in Jesus they believe.

The challenge for all Christians is to focus on what’s true.
Finding ways to tell the world so they can know Him too.

Cause all the Christmas presents we receive while here on earth,
Mean much less once we understand the blessing of Christ’s birth.

One way I can separate myself from all the rest,
Is by doing something different like displaying opposite.

So I hang up all my candy canes to show the letter “J.”
Christians are the only ones who would hang it up this way.

By doing so I tell the world what Jesus means to me.
I’m celebrating CHRISTmas like it was always meant to be.

You can take this message and place it here and there.
Post it on your Facebook page and see if others share.

I pray this J has blessed you and brought you joy within,
God sent His Son on CHRISTmas Eve. For you, this gift is given.

Written by David L. Burrier ©

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