Churches and Religious Groups


For over 45 years David has preached in hundreds of churches bringing a message of hope through the life-saving Gospel of Jesus Christ. Year after year, David is invited back to churches.

He is available for supply preaching for churches who are between pastors, for pastors who are on sabbatical or just as a one-time fill-in for pastors on vacation.

David’s messages seek to inspire and mobilize followers of Jesus to be committed to Kingdom building in the mission field in their back yard.  

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Adult messages for Sunday services or small groups

  • Surviving Life Storms
  • The Power of a HEMI Prayer
  • Dead or Dormant
  • Leap of Faith
  • Fear and Faith

Use the form below to learn more about scheduling David Burrier to speak at your church or small group.

S.O.S. children’s messages

Sunday morning

David is well-known for his Share Our Savior (S.O.S.) children’s sermons of 7-10 minutes.  Churches often invite David to bring a children’s sermon and an adult sermon, depending on their Sunday morning worship schedule.

House-call S.O.S.

David is often invited to homes to bring a private SOS children’s message as a special event for children and grandchildren. Some families have also used this opportunity as a Christian outreach to their neighborhood by inviting them to their home.

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S.O.S. children’s nighttime devotionals

David has produced 12 devotionals for pre-school and elementary age children.  Many parents and grandparents share these with their children and grandchildren before they go to bed at night.  These programs can be accessed at

Church retreats

David is an effective retreat planner and facilitator for churches.  Opportunities include the following:

  • Crisis 101 — Making sense out of life when life doesn’t make sense
    • 13 weekly sessions or one weekend retreat
  • HEMI Prayer Retreat — Learning to pray continuously — I Thessalonians 5:17
  • How to Write Your Personal Life Mission Statement

Tell us about your event

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Please also include any available information about the event, such as the type of event and its goals, estimated number of participants and the proposed date, time, location, venue and length of the event.