David’s Favorite Hymns

I grew up living a half mile from a country church in northeast Iowa. My great grandparents were among the families who founded the church. I have fond memories of the songs we would sing in Sunday School and during worship services. I love hearing those old traditional hymns.

Over the years the churches we attended sang those old songs less and less and I have come to appreciate the more contemporary worship and praise music as well. In fact, my children rarely had the opportunity to hear those old traditional hymns. They grew up singing and listening to the contemporary music.

One day as I reflected on my legacy to my family, I felt called to invest some money and time in recording many of those wonderful old hymns so I could preserve them for my children and grandchildren.

I hope and pray you will be blessed by the words and music and the opportunity to sing along with me.

David Burrier
Hope Coach
Founder & Director, I’VE BEEN THERE Ministries