The I’VE BEEN THERE adult devotional CD project was a two year labor of love following David’s son’s 48-week struggle with cancer. David felt called to make available something unique that would bring comfort to those who may be in a season of struggle in their life and who needed to hear a message of hope through the healing power of God’s Holy Word.

The project involved over 120 people whose life journey has led them into and out of a deep valley of despair. David simply wanted to hear one voice after another read a scripture that would help lift the spirit and deepen the faith of anyone in need of hope.

The two adult devotional CDs complement the I’VE BEEN THERE weekly webcast and radio program.

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I’VE BEEN THERE Theme Song Lyrics

Have you ever had times when no strength you could find,
And the pressures of life weighed you down?
I have felt that same way, and all I can say,

There is hope if you’ll only hang on.
Have you ever felt fear, or lost someone dear?
Are you lonely or full of despair?
Many know how you feel. For them it’s been real.
I can say that I know. I’ve Been There.

But there’s one who knows best than all of the rest.
A world full of pain He can see.
Through all that you are facing, may you feel His arms embracing.
He forgives and sets free.

So no matter where you’ve been, if you’re life’s full of sin.
When you feel there’s no reason to be.
Turn to God and say a prayer. I promise He’ll be there.
This I know ‘cause He’s been there for me.

Yes I know, ’cause He’s been there for me.