When Dreams Are Shattered and New Dreams Emerge

I had the pleasure of interviewing Adam and Kasey Steen in their home along with their precious son Ryker. Their incredible testimony of God’s faithfulness is now preserved in the I’VE BEEN THERE Ministries website video library for others to receive this message of hope.

Adam & Kasey had all sorts of dreams for their first child.  Adam was planning to build a pitcher’s mound in his back yard if it was a boy, which it was.  But those dreams were shattered when they discovered that Ryker had a rare childhood disorder with only  1,000 known cases in the entire world.

Their inspiring story shares their journey through this storm and the new dreams that emerged and a new life they never could have imagined.  They are passionate to testify to God’s faithfulness and though it’s been a difficult road and they no doubt will continue to have challenging times ahead they forge ahead with optimism and hope.

This I’VE BEEN THERE talk-show interview captures the depth of their Christian faith journey as they openly share the intensity of their life storm which has now turned into unimaginable blessings.

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