About the I’VE BEEN THERE video testimonies

– How it all got started –

On January 22, 2015 I had a “life event”. Couldn’t believe it. I actually had a heart attack which required open heart surgery and an 8 week recovery period at home with plenty of time to think and pray. The doctors said, “You dodged a bullet this time.” I was 100% blocked.

A number of people said, “I guess God’s not done with you yet. He evidently has more for you to do.” Well I guess so since I took a leap of faith to fulfill a dream of starting a non-profit ministry.   In recent years that dream focused on bringing a message of hope to the hurting and testifying to God’s faithfulness in the midst of life’s storms.

I owe Mac J. Michael McKoy a debt of gratitude for responding to the Holy Spirit impressing upon his heart in February 2015 to  call me out of the blue and offer me an opportunity to use his studio free as a “gift from God“.  It was such a random thing that I knew it had to be ordained by God.   I certainly never imagined I would be called to something like this.  It boggled my mind!

So I accepted his generous offer I began making plans to launch a program called I’VE BEEN THERE which involved video-taping testimonies of people who have experienced or who were currently experiencing a “storm” in their life.  The purpose was to preserve stories of God’s faithfulness – testimonies of answered prayer – accounts of how God showed up and revealed Himself – how faith grew stronger.   I desired to bring this message of hope to hurting people and to anyone who needs words of encouragement to live another day.

Having experienced a host of “storms” in my own life I could identify with feelings of loneliness, abandonment, anger, despair, pain and misery.  However, I also experienced God’s grace and forgiveness, His healing and His faithfulness in blessing me with His presence.   I came to identify and appreciate the blessings in the midst of those storms.  I wanted to interview people who have had similar life challenges and growth in their faith.

Over that first year I created a body of work involving 50 powerful video testimonies.   Those testimonies are now preserved in our video library which is found on this website.  More testimonies will be added from time to time as God Divinely appoints people and their stories to me.

As I look back, I guess God had to get my attention to take me down a new path for the next phase of my life at age 61.  I thank God for this and other life-challenging blessings!

What a joy it has been since starting I’VE BEEN THERE Ministries and incorporating this video ministry as part of our outreach to hurting people.  It has given me new energy and a new passion!  I’ve met some of the most incredible people of faith and  have heard the most amazing stories of survival!

UPDATE: November 24, 2016:  Starting in December 2016 I’ve changed the location for the taping of testimonies.  I have found that the studio setting has been a bit intimidating for  most of my guests with all the cameras, lights, microphones and green screens.   So, moving forward I’ve decided to simplify  the process by conducting the video testimony interviews in the comfort of people’s homes with minimal equipment distractions.

I invite you to view any or all of the studio video testimonies on our website at this link.  You can expect to be blessed with a message of hope!

And be looking for new  in-home video testimonies to be added to the video library in the months ahead as together we are reminded of God’s faithfulness in the midst of life storms!

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I welcome you to contact me if you just need a listening ear or have a prayer request.


David L. Burrier
Founder and President
I’VE BEEN THERE Ministries, Inc.
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