Episode # 49 Heather Ochoa (no commercials)


Heather sheds lots of tears as she shares her story.  Her “storm” centers on a pregnancy where her baby girl Gabi was diagnosed in the womb with a very rare condition called Trisomy18. I had never heard that medical term before.  I Googled it and was alarmed to read what kind of gut-wrenching condition Trisomy18 is.

Heather was put in a position to make a life and death decision. She wants people to know the whole story and how her faith in God is sustaining her even now because the pain is still so very real.

Heather speaks of her ongoing journey of finding peace with the way things turned out and still wonders if God is angry at her. Finding inner peace is an ongoing battle as she struggles with forgiveness and the fear of being judged.

In spite of it all, Heather says, “It’s not how many times you fall down. It’s how many times you get up and keep on going.” This is a story of redemption – grace and forgiveness.

Another message of hope is coming your way!

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