Episode # 48 David L. Burrier (with no commercial interruptions)

“WHEN THE STORM WINDS BLOW” The David Burrier story

I’ve often been asked what prompted me to launch I’VE BEEN THERE Ministries on the heels of a massive heart attack and subsequent open heart surgery. I’ve heard things like, “You’ve been going 200 miles an hour for most of your professional career. Why not slow the pace? You deserve to kick back and ease into your upcoming retirement years.”

During this one-year anniversary show I answered that question and shared about the many storms I’ve experienced in my life and how every one of those life challenges were blessings in disguise.   I can honestly say I am thankful when the storm winds blow and I no longer fear what may be on the horizon because I know from experience that when the next one comes (and it most certainly will) I will grow ever closer to God and that makes it all worth it in the end.

In addition to sharing my testimony I was also be joined by my wife Karen, our three grown children and their spouses, and our six grandchildren in the final segment of the program. Mac McKoy from Webcast One Live and Chris Rohloff from The Truth Radio Network also join me in segment one to talk about how the I’VE BEEN THERE program came to be and the success it has experienced.

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