Episode # 47 Mark Block (With no commercial interuptions)

“I Shook My Fist at God”

The Mark Block Testimony

Mark Block was involved in a tragic car accident that left him paralyzed from the ears down, the doctors told him he would be paralyzed for life. He proved them wrong.

Then 25 years later he fell and hit his head and had another traumatic brain and spinal cord injury. He said, “I shook my fist at God – I was beaten down – dejected – I just couldn’t see myself going through this again – being dependent on others.”

Then something happened that dramatically changed his life. It was then that he said it best, “It’s time to turn my energy of fear into energy for recovery”. Today this same Mark Block is climbing stairs, riding in RAGBRAI, motivating and inspiring others like him who admires him for his tenacity, mental, physical and spiritual strength!

Dan Forsythe says, “Sure I climbed 368 floors today…its kind of a big deal for me but it fails in comparison to Mark who has been paralyzed twice and snubbed his nose at the doctors that told him he couldn’t do this and does these stair climbs.”

You’re invited to hear and view Mark Block’s inspiring message of hope and his testimony to God’s faithfulness.



2 thoughts on “Episode # 47 Mark Block (With no commercial interuptions)

  1. Wonderful, Mark. Words can’t convey what an inspiration you are to those who are physically challenged and those who let life hold us back.

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