Episode # 46 Carol John

You Can’t Lose What You Never Had”
The Carol John Testimony

Carol John’s mother was diagnosed with polio when she was pregnant. Her parents were just 25 years old at the time. Carol was born on Independence Day in 1952 – just one year after the 1st trials for the polio vaccine.

She was born with no signs of anything at birth but then got a fever and was completely paralyzed within one week.   Carol says, “It was like an oil spill on your spinal cord – it just flooded everything from my right shoulder down through my legs.” “My parents had to move my arms and legs.”

Carol breezed through school and earned her master’s in biology and has taught on the college level. In fact, she’s been a teacher her entire life and most recently authored a book titled, An Introduction to the Bible: released in paperback on January 26, 2016 and available at this link on Amazon.

Her book provides an overview of each Old Testament book with an introduction to the New Testament and the Gospel of Matthew. Written in an easy teaching style, it serves as a Bible resource and guide for readers who are new to reading the Bible, or new to Christianity.

Carol has been single all her life and lived with her mom for 60 years. Due to Alzheimer’s, Carol became her mom’s caretaker the past 8 years until she passed recently.

When asked about the many challenges and obstacles she has faced throughout her life she responds with, “Life for everyone is tough – just in different ways.” “Pity party was a foreign concept to my family. Back then when I was growing up you didn’t discuss your problems – you just had to buck up and face it.” Carol has never felt sorry for herself. She is an incurable optimist and doesn’t feel she has ever been disadvantaged. In fact she says, “You can’t lose what you never had.”

Carol’s website is caroljohn.com.

Another message of hope is coming your way – another testimony to God’s faithfulness has been preserved on the I’VE BEEN THERE website!!


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