Episode #43 Cameron Horner (Commercial Free)

The Cameron Horner Story

On day two of their family vacation, Cameron Horner (age 18) sprinted down the dock and dove into shallow waters, hit his head on the sandy bottom and broken his neck. He was immediately paralyzed and could not move anything.

While under the water Cameron shares that he knew he could die, but a great peace surrounded him as he prayed under water knowing he probably had four minutes at most. At the moment he could no longer hold his breath, a miracle occurred.

Cameron’s life changed on a dime that day and was sentenced to live in a wheel chair for the rest of his life. He was forced to face what would be the biggest battle of his life. What could have resulted in ruining his life forever has actually launched him into something he never would have imagined.

Cameron says, “You can’t imagine what you can handle until you’re forced to.” Cameron testifies to God’s faithfulness in His suffering. He says, “The hard things He makes easy.” Cameron encourages you to embrace your weaknesses so you can draw close to your Savior.

Another message of hope is coming your way

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