EPISODE # 40 – Dan & Molly Lopez (Commercial Free)


Dan and Molly Lopez share their testimony to God’s faithfulness as they journeyed through a heart-breaking valley.   It always amazes me how people come through these storms of life praising God and finding their faith has grown. Their particular experience losing Dan’s daughter Mara (Molly’s step-daughter) takes some interesting twists and turns but it’s what happens after her passing that will capture your heart. God has a way of showing up in people’s lives in the most unimaginable ways and times. Our Lord has once again demonstrated His love and His grace and this family is praising Him for reaching out to them during the lowest time of their life.

They have set up a non-profit 501( c ) 3 tax-exempt organization called Mara’s Heart. 100% of all donations are used to help people in need – especially women and children. If you feel called to support this cause you can send your donation to Mara’s Heart in care of Daniel L. Lopez Ministries, 3307 SW Cherry Ct., Ankeny IA 50023

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