This morning I was reflecting on a friend who’s experiencing a storm in their life. It has been a while since I wrote a poem so I took pen in hand and jotted down these notes:
Written by David Burrier on 4/5/2016
When the storm winds blow, expect your faith to grow.
When the sea is rough, your faith will make you tough.
And when your way turns rocky with no clear path to take,
put your trust in Jesus to help you navigate.
On days when things go silent, when nothing makes a sound,
remember beyond the gloomy clouds blue skies are always found
Be thankful for life’s challenges, seek wisdom in the trial.
You’ll learn much more when tested, it makes your life worthwhile
Cause the more you’re in the valleys, the more you’ll tend to see
Blessings come to those whose life has forced them to their knees.

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