My annual Easter rant – a poem I wrote over 20 years ago

This is my annual Easter rant. A poem I wrote over 20 years ago.

Written by David L. Burrier – Pleasant Hill, Iowa.

It’s not about the rabbit, nor the eggs or jelly beans.
It’s about the resurrection – that’s how Easter came to be.

It’s not about the critter that gets so much attention.
It’s about the cross that led to our redemption.

The bunny is an idol – the devil in disguise
To some it’s just tradition – not something to despise.

The only thing it offers is short-term satisfaction.
It’s here and gone tomorrow – having served as a distraction.

Perhaps we ought to consider – a plan to alternate.
One new date for Easter – For Christians to celebrate.

And a separate time for rabbits – and cultural attractions,
To fulfill the needs some have for secular satisfactions.

But as it goes I’m sure in time an icon would soon appear
And steal away attention – like it’s happened down through the years.

Easter for a Christian is a holy time of year.
It’s the core of who we are – faith and hope held dear.

When the day of Easter is reduced to rodent status,
One might understand how our joy can turn to sadness.

So… my Easter has no rabbit – it’s about saving grace,
From our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ – resurrecting from His grave.

It’s HOPE that’s celebrated –the Hope we cannot see.
It’s the everlasting promise – the HOPE that sets us FREE.

“I’m just sayin…….

David Burrier

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