Episode 38 – Part 2 – Louise Pauley Stromberg (Commercial Free)



This is the first time I decided to do two interviews with a talk-show guest.    This woman has such a remarkable life story that I felt called to preserve even more of her testimony to God’s faithfulness.

At age 84 Louise has seen and experienced it all. She was born into poverty with alcoholic parents and an abusive environment. She was a “blue baby” with a congenital heart defect not given much hope to live a long life. She was forced into an arranged marriage at age 16, lost two sons, has experienced a miraculous healing and so much more. She’s had four strokes in recent years and was told she’d never walk again. And when asked about her faith she says, “I’ve never been angry at God and I’ve never doubted God.” She’s an unbelievable woman with an incredible message of hope.  I count it a privilege to have had the opportunity to preserve even more of her testimony to God’s faithfulness on I’VE BEEN THERE.


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