Testimony Legacies

When I felt called by God to launch the I’VE BEEN THERE talk show, back in May/June 2015 I wrote a simple mission statement – “Preserve Testimonies to God’s Faithfulness.”   Since then I’ve preserved 34 and all are archived on the website.   From time to time I hear from people from different parts of the country who have viewed one or more of the programs in our video library that were taped months ago and they share with me how it touched their life and gave them hope in the midst of their current storm. It continues to amaze me how God works.

Today I heard from Debi Baker who was my talk show guest on Thursday, February 18, 2016 (Episode # 33).

She shared, “I am emailing you to let you know that the interview has truly been a blessing. Various women have been coming to me and asking questions. A few women that have gone through abuse are speaking out. It is ministering to some women–and not just about abuse, but about low self-esteem. It’s doing the work that God wants it to do.”

All I can say is “Praise God”!

David Burrier
Hope Coach

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