Episode 33 – Debi Ann Baker


She grew up in Chicago. Her mother died when she was one year old leaving her father to raise five girls and two boys alone. To say her life was rough, abusive, cruel, harsh and unimaginably hurtful is an understatement to be sure!

Debi Ann Baker admits that she chose to ignore what she felt was God’s warnings. She convinced herself that her disobedience justified her distressing life. She blamed herself and felt she deserved to be punished.

Until now, she has chosen not to share explicit details about the tormenting life she experienced; the beatings, the relentless life threats, the indescribable twenty-four hours a day tension-filled environment throughout all those years under the thumb of an alcoholic and drug abuser.   Most who knew her at that time had no clue about her secret life of exploitation and oppression. She chose to keep it to herself out of embarrassment and potential ridicule.

However many of her family and friends heard about Debi’s secret life for the first time as she releases her imprisoned mind on I’VE BEEN THERE. Debi decided it was time to release her penned up hurts from the past and encourages others to do the same in order to find inner peace.

Over 23 years she used writing to express heartfelt cries of her life’s ups and downs – to vent and express her hidden feelings. Ninety-seven of her poems and short stories on life and inspiration are now published in a book titled GIFT OF EXPRESSIONS. In one of her poems Debi says, “Stop trying to chip away what you wish not to see. If I can let you be you, then, PLEASE let me be ME! Her published works was meant for inspiration and encouragement – to reach out to all that have suppressed emotions – to reveal and bring to the surface those hidden disappointments so that a healing process may take place. Her book can be purchased at this Amazon link.

In spite of living in a dark place for so long Debi testifies to God’s faithfulness and credits Him for saving her life. As always you can expect to be blessed!

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