Episode 30 Louis Dawson (Commercial Free)


Starting at age 17 Louis Dawson began a long life of drugs, crime and dangerous living including 20 years of incarceration.  Decades of hard living eventually brought him to his knees when one night Louis experienced “a dark night of the soul” where he was consumed with feelings of hopelessness contemplating the unthinkable.   Living homeless in a tent under a viaduct it was on that night that he cried out to God in desperation saying, “Either take me or change me”.

What you see in this picture is the face of a man whose life experiences were so intense that hearing him share the details would make the hairs on your arms stand straight up. He readily admits that his life has been a pattern of bad choices. “I had to go through what I went through to be who I am today.”

After several miraculous turn of events Louis Dawson was led to several people and places that put him on a path to recovery and he’s never looked back.  After all those years of selfish living God has now guided Louis to a place of employment where he ministers daily to  addicted and displaced men as the head chef of the largest homeless shelter in Iowa.

As always expect to be blessed!



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