Episode 29 Jessica & Randy Zondervan


Order the book: Breathing on Purposesurviving the death of a loved one – by Jessica Zondervan

Jessica Zondervan entered the darkest time of her life after experiencing the death of both parents, both grandparents, a family friend, both dogs and a host of other intense life changes all within a very short span of time.  She plunged into a four-year journey of grief and a never-ending battle of loneliness, fearfulness, anxiety and depression.  She would go for weeks without leaving her house, keeping the blinds shut, her phone off, and the doors locked.  It nearly cost her marriage.  But after years of wandering aimlessly, she finally gave everything over to God. “The more you know of Him, the more you will learn to trust in Him.” “I learned that he was leading me to His heart through the center of the storm.”

As always you can expect to blessed as Jessica and Randy testify to God’s faithfulness.


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