EPISODE 26 Jen & Andy Barrick

Studio“The Victory is Greater than the Suffering”. Jen Barrick

Ever think you had it really bad and then meet someone who had it a whole lot worse? It tends to put things in perspective doesn’t it? I was reminded of that when I interviewed Jen and Andy Barrick.

No struggle I’ve ever had even comes close to what their family has experienced. But despite what they have had to endure, I heard Jen say, “The victory is greater than the suffering.” I’ve added that profound statement to my personal quote collection.

If you need a lift today and a message of hope, I invite you to click on the link below take a few minutes to watch this most inspiring YouTube video of my talk show interview with Jen and Andy Barrick.

Be Blessed!

David Burrier
Founder & Director
I’VE BEEN THERE Ministries







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