EPISODE 19 Roger and Kim Fears


Life can often feel like we’re being hit with 200 miles an hour straight line winds.  Roger and Kim Fears have experienced multiple storms – unbelievable back to back storms.

No sooner than this young couple made a decision to pursue ordained ministry, adopt their second child, and move their family to the seminary, their life up and changed on a dime.  Kim suffered a heart attack and stroke at the same time, then infection forcing the surgical removal of her finger. And on top of that, open heart surgery with a double valve replacement in Kim’s future. All this is a ripple effect from her dialysis when her transplanted kidney failed 8 years ago.   

They’re trying to stay strong in the midst of their storms but they are being challenged like never before. This is a story you’ll want to hear as the Fears testify to God’s faithfulness even though it continues to be very very hard!  

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