EPISODE 17 – Nathan and Angela Thomas


Nathan and Angela are a young couple with four young children ages 11,9,6 and 3.  They both grew up in Christian homes and are professed followers of Jesus Christ. Nathan is a worship & music leader  at his church and a recording artist.  Angela is home schooling and corralling a very busy household.   Aside from the normal distractions, they’re life seemed pretty normal with everything flowing along just perfectly until one day everything in their life changed on a dime.

Out of the blue their youngest child (Endyn) became deathly ill and was immediately admitted to the hospital and put in ICU. This was a parent’s worse nightmare. There were more questions than answers. Tests and more tests. Doctors saying, “we’re not sure what to do”.  Days turn into weeks. “This is taking too long”!! Desperate prayers. “Please God help our little boy!”

In this episode of I’VE BEEN THERE Nathan and Angela Thomas share about an unexpected storm that brought them to their knees and tested their faith like they never imagined.

Their test has most certainly become their testimony as they discovered a deepening in their relationship as a couple and family and experienced blessings in that deep valley that causes them to testify to God’s faithfulness.

As always, expect to be blessed and inspired with their message of hope!

David Burrier
Founder and Director
I’VE BEEN THERE Ministries

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