EPISODE 16 – Doug & Diane Carroll


You’re in the prime of your life and you find yourself being torn between the needs and struggles of your grown children and their kids while addressing the health and well-being of your aging parents. That’s the sandwich generation.

Doug and Diane Carroll share a most inspiring testimony of being sandwiched between two generations.

They have had to tend to the needs of their children and grandchildren, siblings and their parents. Their timeline over the past 7-8 years makes you wonder how on earth they balanced and endured everything that life threw at them. Still, they testify to God’s faithfulness as they’ve learned to trust Him in all things.

As pretty private folks it was a huge stretch for them to publically share their personal struggles and stresses in life. But they also know their story will bring a message of hope to others and they really want to testify to God’s faithfulness. This is a very unique program.

As always, expect to be inspired and blessed!

David Burrier
Hope Coach
Founder & Director
I’VE BEEN THERE Ministries

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