Our family’s involvement with Riverside Lutheran Bible Camp in Story City goes back some 60+ years when my father-in-law Rev. Marlin Ingebretson helped pour the cement for the original swimming pool.  My wife Karen attended summer camp there as a child.  I brought many youth groups there for weekend retreats in the 70’s.  Our three children attended summer camp there.  All three also served as Junior Counselors and the had summer jobs there as Senior Camp Counselors.  Our oldest son Brian worked there straight out of college and designed their first website and grew the camp retail and book store while also serving on the Youth Ministry Team.  Our daughter Joni and son-in-law Derek were married in the Riverside Chapel as was our son Brian and daughter-in-law Sara.  Our son Marcus proposed to Kelli at Riverside.  Karen and I have attended marriage retreats and our daughter Joni and her family have started attending the summer family camp week.  Our granddaughter Miya has started attending summer Bible camp at Riverside.

In the fall of 2014 I surprised my family with a tree planting project on the campus of Riverside Lutheran Bible Camp.  We call it our family’s legacy tree.   This pictures was taken the day we planted our tree.  It’s placed near the walking path entrance to the chapel.  I told my granddaughter to always take a picture by our family’s tree anytime she’s on the campus and to plan to plant a tree with her family some day.

I wrote this poem in 1991.

Written by David L. Burrier © 1991

Plant a tree today and you may never know,
The shady comfort it will bring or the size that it will grow.

But plan to plan tomorrow and there may never be,
A tree to shade the future.  Lost opportunity.

For planting is a matter of hope for years to come,
Which might just make a difference in the life of only one.

Those who live to see it will appreciate the shade,
And maybe they will follow the example you have made.

So plant a tree today and feel the joy of it,
Cause the purpose of your planting is for tomorrow’s benefit.


2014 Family Legacy Tree

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