On August 12, 1998 my 14 year old son Marcus was diagnosed with a rare childhood cancer.  It changed our family’s life on a dime.  After 48 straight weeks of chemo, 14 hospitalizations, over 300 home administered injections and 30 radiation treatments, Marcus and our entire family were worn to a frazil.  While it took a toll on all of us (especially Marcus), we were blessed by the support of an amazing medical team, extended family, friends and prayers of thousands of people.  Our family was chosen to go on a Make a Wish trip.  While we were driving through the Blue Ridge Mountains on a Sunday morning, we were listening to a “nature” CD that we had just purchased at one of those touristy kinds of places.  One of the songs titled Appalachian Sunrise struck a chord in me.  It moved my soul.  I later wrote lyrics to the song and secured permission from Randy Petersen, President, Composer and Producer of Orange Tree Productions (www.orangetreeproductions.com) to use his music with my lyrics as the theme song of two adult devotional CDs called I’VE BEEN THERE.

The project took me two years to produce.  I recorded 120 people who each read a scripture of hope and promise.  Each person had survived a tragedy (life challenge) and could testify to God’s faithfulness.  I saw the project as my thank offering to God for sparing my son.

I’ve Been There
Copyright 1998 ~ David L. Burrier

Have you ever had times, when no strength you could find
And the pressures of life weighed you down
I have felt that same way, and all I can say
There is hope if you’ll only hang on.

Have you ever felt fear or lost someone dear
Are you lonely or full of despair?
Many know how you feel. For them it’s been real
I can say that I know. I’ve been there.

Bridge: But there’s one who knows best, than all of the rest.
A world full of pain He can see.
Through all that you are facing, may you feel His arms embracing.
He forgives and sets free.

So no matter where you’ve been, or if your life’s full of sin.
When you feel there’s no reason to be.
Turn to God and say a prayer. I promise He’ll be there.
This I know cause He’s been there for me.

Yes I know. I know.
I know cause He’s been there for me.

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