I was doing some reflecting today. 8 months ago I had a “life event”. Couldn’t believe it. I actually had a heart attack which required open heart surgery and a two month recovery at home and plenty of time to think and pray. A number of people said, “I guess God’s not done with you yet. He evidently has more for you to do.” Well I guess so since I took a leap of faith and started a weekly webcast and radio talk show and have recorded 13 programs so far. And in about a month I’m taking another leap of faith and will begin recording a video sermon series called S.O.S. (Share Our Savior) for pre-school and elementary age children to view through my I’ve Been There Ministries website. So I guess God had to get my attention to take me down a new path for the next phase of my life. What a joy it has been so far!! I have new energy and a new passion in addition to my continued work at Hope Ministries. Feeling blessed beyond measure!

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